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Welcome to Rempel Seeds.

We are your homegrown seed supplier nestled in northeastern Saskatchewan in Nipawin. We are a family-run business with a rich farming history in the area and provide quality seed to increase your profitability.

At Rempel Seeds, we understand the value of high-quality seeds and the difference they can make for your farm. We offer certified seeds, including wheat, oats, barley peas, and foraged grass.

Whether you are a seasoned farmer or just starting, we are your partners in grain production.

Contact us and experience the difference in working with a farmer who cares about crops!

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Rempel Seeds stands proud among Canadian seed companies as a testament to homegrown quality and trust. We’ve been cultivating and supplying seeds to farmers for over 100 years, adding our personal experience to help you get the most from your crop.

Our seed is more than just products—we work in the fields alongside you. We can advise you on best practices for each seed we offer for specific planting practices.

By choosing Rempel Seeds, you’re getting high-quality seeds and supporting a local farm dedicated to sustainable and prosperous farming practices.

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Canadian Seeds Online

In today’s modern world, Rempel Seeds brings the convenience of buying seed online with a friendly hand you can count on.

Our easy-to-use website allows you to browse and purchase high-quality seed from the comfort of your tractor cab. Whether you are looking for a reliable seed cleaner, wholesale seeds, or specific crop varieties, we have what you need

We ensure each order is handled carefully and reflects our commitment to quality and community support.